Secure Audit Record for all MFP Activities

Benefits of DocAudit

  • Reduce data and document security breaches
  • Secure and complete content audit trail of all MFP activities
  • Multiple administrative search capabilities
  • Facilitates industry and regulatory security data and record compliance

DocAudit Key Features

  • All MFP activities are securely archived and accessible only by permitted users
  • Automatically records all MFP activities by user, device, date, and time
  • Documents are full-text searchable through automatic OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Automatically captures the 3-part user activity record
  • Administrators can view secure records through either a desktop client or via the web through a browser client

DocAudit protects your confidential information by creating a complete and secure audit record of all copy, print, scan, fax, and email activities completed on MFP devices.

DocAudit Protects Your Secure Data

DocAudit creates a record of all MFP user activities: copy, print, scan, fax, and email. It creates a PDF document of that activity, a full text record of that PDF, and a log of user and machine information. This is then automatically deposited into a secure database and document archive that is accessible only by permitted users.

The purpose of DocAudit is to deter ill-intentioned workers from providing secure data to unauthorized persons that may be communicated through a MFP. If such a security breach occurs with a MFP then information such as who, what, when, and where the breach occurred can quickly be identified.

DocAudit Captures the 3-Part User Activity Record

DocAudit works by automatically collecting and securely archiving the user activity output of the MFP and cataloging its 3-part record: PDF document, full-text record of the PDF, and machine and user attributes. This 3-part record is then searchable only by authorized users. Obvious and questionable data breaches can quickly be identified by searching DocAudit. Searches can be accomplished in a wide variety of methods including key words, date, time, user, machine, and more.

Administrators Can View Records Anywhere

The DocAudit administrator can access the secure records through a remote Internet browser or desktop client. The Internet browser viewer works on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Records are instantly available and documents can be easily and quickly previewed and retrieved.

Easy to Set Up

DocAudit is easy to set up and use. Each MFP can automatically output its complete activity log. This activity log is then automatically captured by DocAudit. The data from this activity log is indexed and audit-archived in either a default format or user-defined format. Audit archive and document attribute variables include:

  • Document name
  • File type
  • Creation date
  • Type of activity
  • MFP name
  • User name
  • Job ID
  • Send date, time
  • File name
  • MFP serial number
  • Email address
  • More...


DocAudit can handle up to thousands of MFPs. Any enabled MFP that is on the network can be configured to automatically output to DocAudit.

Secure Audit Record For

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing

Capture All MFP Activities

  • Copies
  • Prints
  • Scans
  • Emails
  • Faxes

Captures 3-Part User Activity Record

  • PDF image of record
  • Complete full text of that PDF image
  • All machine and user data for that PDF image


Advanced Variable Data Printing & Cross-Channel Communications

Why DocForm's Used

  • Automatically produce highly-personalized statements, invoices and other communications
  • Most often used in production pricing departments
  • Can also create personalized electronic messages such as PURLs and SMS texts

DocForm is the complete personalized communication solution for production printing and cross-channel messaging for midsize-to-enterprise organizations.

DocForm is a powerful communication application for all your personalized production print and electronic communications. Make your print communications more effective by supplementing them with personalized electronic communications such as personalized web pages, HTML emails, and phone texts.

Powerful Production Print Capabilities

At its core, DocForm is a powerful application designed for the most demanding of high volume, production print projects. Create all types of high volume color or monochrome documents such as statements, invoices, notifications, customer letters, and more. Automatically and dynamically create charts and graphs from multiple databases, create complex conditional data events, dynamically add images and graphics, and much more.

Create All Types of Electronic Documents

DocForm can also create all types of electronic documents - Word [.doc and .docx], RTF, TIFF, PDF and FAX. DocForm also dynamically generates indexing and metadata tags that allow for automatic filing of electronic documents into document management systems such as Prism’s DocRecord. An integrated connector also allows you to automatically deposit an electronic copy of the created documents into Microsoft SharePoint.

DocForm is Designed to be Easy to Use

How DocForm Works

  1. Inputs are received from data sources, file types, databases, print queues, XML files, and various other sources.
  2. Merged data inputs can be manipulated within DocForm to create various projects.
  3. Finished projects are output as printed documents, PDFs, Word Documents, Email, Fax, XML, Personal Web Landing Pages (PURLs), Microsoft SharePoint outputs, and more.


  • Data sources
  • File types
  • Databases
  • Print Queues
  • XML


  • Easily create all types of print and electronic projects
  • See merged data on screen


  • Print
  • PDF, Word
  • Email, Fax, XML
  • PURLs
  • Microsfot SharePoint

DocForm Has Many Great Features - Including Workflow Integration

Integrated Workflow

DocForm has a fully integrated workflow engine that enables the intelligent processing and routing of data, print documents, and electronic documents. Create all types of workflow conditions ranging from simple to complex.

Advanced Designer Allows for Complex Document Creation

HTML Email

Create matching email and print campaigns HTML eMails. Print-only campaigns can be expensive and infrequent. Take advantage of HTML eMail messaging to reinforce, announce, and augment your print campaign. HTML eMails can easily match your print projects with DocForm’s built-in HTML editor.

Personalized Web Landing Pages (PURLs)

Creating personalized web landing pages – also called Personalized URLs or PURLs – is easy. Use the same print or HTML project elements (images, text, etc.) and send out PURLs that are individually customized to your target audience. PURLs are web pages that are specifically addressed and messaged to each individual – customize by name, images, and text for each person. And, send out the PURL link through an HTML eMail.

Personalized PDF Literature Delivered via the Web and Email

Create fully personalized PDF literature with your customer's information embedded within the PDF. Personalized PDFs can be either an attachment to the personalized email or an embedded link within the email.

SMS Text Messaging for Phones

Easily create text messages that are deliverable to text-capable cell phones. Provide instant notifications to customers or direct them to other print or email messages that you’ve created with DocForm. Send instant broadcast messages that are personalized with data from your data source. SMS messaging is instant and a great method of supplementing attention for your messaging campaign.

DirectSmile Integration

DocForm is fully integrated with DirectSmile. Create unique personalized graphics and images with DirectSmile.

Integrated Postal Certification

(optional module)

Easily take advantage of the savings discount the U.S. Postal Services offers for bulk mail with this fully integrated module. No more problems and errors sending your data to a third-party program for postal certification. It’s easy to use this integrated module from DocForm’s drop-down menus. Module components include CASS, PAVE, mixed mailing, Geocoding, Zip+4, National Change of Address (NCOA), and more. Integrated postal certification for U.S., Canada, and U.K. See Prism Software’s separate literature on postal certification for more details.

QR Codes & 95 Other Barcodes

Quickly and automatically generate QR codes and ninety-five other types of barcodes including linear (1D), data matrix, MICR, 2D, and postal codes for USPS, British Royal Mail, Australia Post, Deutsche Post, Italian Post, and more.

eForms & Web Forms

DocForm can also create eForms and web forms for the automatic personalized collection and delivery of data. Easily create both HTML and PDF eForms and web forms. Dynamically create personalized data fields that are either formed from databases or customer-filled.

eDocuments & eSignatures

All types of eDocuments can be created with DocForm: leases, contracts, agreements, disclosures and more. Once created, the customer can electronically sign these eDocuments with a USB-connected electronic signature pad.


Secure Document Release & Print Queue Management

Benefits of DocQueue

  • Secure "on demand" release of print jobs
  • Prevent others from getting your print jobs by accident
  • Print-and-hold architecture allows for a single trip to the printer or MFP
  • Redirect specific print jobs to remote MFPs or printers so you can pick up at your convenience
  • Release print jobs at the MFP or through browser-enabled mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad
  • Effective queue management for production-grade print jobs

Secure document release & print queue management for local & remote print jobs

Securely release personal or production print jobs to any network MFP or printer from:

  • MFP user panel
  • Desktop or laptop
  • iPhone© or other browser-enabled smart phone
  • iPad© or other browser-enabled tablet device

DocQueue allows you to release your print job whenever and wherever you require. It provides secure, on-demand release for all types of personal and production-class print jobs. DocQueue is intuitively designed for both office workers and production print shops.

DocQueue is Easy to Use

  • From your PC, simply print to the DocQueue application as you would print to a regular printer
  • DocQueue holds your print job until you manually release it at the MFP
  • You can also view and release all your print jobs through any browser-enabled device - such as a PC, iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices
  • Release any or all of your print jobs through your browser simply by selecting the print job and then selecting the MFP or printer to which it will be sent

DocQueue easily installs on a non-dedicated, local Microsoft windows server. Easily add the network-attached MFPs and printers through the administrator interface. A single DocQueue can handle multiple MFPs and printers. There are no restrictions on the number of users printing to DocQueue; however, for release of the print jobs at an MFP user panel, each MFP would require a separate DocQueue connector license available from Prism through its authorized resellers.


All-Inclusive Enterprise Content Management

All-Inclusive Capabilities include

  • On-demand access to documents & content
  • Automated document and data capture & filing
  • Workflow and automated document processing
  • eForms for Data Collection and Processing & Automated Forms Creation
  • Access from within Third-Party Applications
  • Extended application capabilities

Benefits of All-Inclusive DocRecord

  • Documents and content are instantly searchable and accessible from both mobile and desktop
  • Automated recognition and filing of documents into correct folders with extracted metadata
  • Customizable automated workflow processes replace manual document processes
  • Improved efficiency within departments such as accounting, HR, and legal
  • Easy data capture and workflow processing with eForms
  • Access DocRecord data from other line-of-business applications
  • And many more cost saving and processing improvement benefits

All-Inclusive, Everything In a Single Application

DocRecord is a low cost, all-inclusive, and richly featured application that is simply priced by the concurrent user. It's not priced by the architecture, capabilities, or features. With an all-inclusive DocRecord, you get the advanced features that you need a single and very affordable product. Key capabilities included with DocRecord are:

  • Intelligent document and data repository
  • Advanced document capture and intelligent data extraction
  • Workflow and automated document and data processing
  • Integrated eForms for all types of electronic forms
DocRecord keeps your costs low, both at the time of purchase and over the life of the product. DocRecord’s all-inclusive application allows your organization to grow quickly and at a very low cost simply by adding users as needed.

DocRecord's All-Inclusive Core Application Capabilities

Instant Access, Anywhere to Documents & Data

Organizations need both instant access to and automated workflow of their important documents and records. DocRecord provides these anytime and from nearly any device.

For desktop-centric users, DocRecord provides a Windows-based, desktop application to quickly search and retrieve content, customize intelligent searches, easily utilize workflow, quickly work with eForms, and much more. For Microsoft Office-centric users, DocRecord is fully integrated into Office applications allowing users seamless application integration and use.

For remote users, DocRecord’s browser-based application provides instant document search and retrieval, workflows, and eForm use.

Documents stored in DocRecord are also fully accessible to users while utilizing an independent line-of-business (LOB) application such as accounting, ERP, or CRM. This application integration saves access and processing time and makes your organization more efficient and effective.

Automatically Extract Document Data and File & Index Documents

DocRecord’s advanced capture capability allows organizations to easily and automatically process paper and electronic documents, perform line-item data extraction from these documents, and then automatically workflow, index, and file both the data and document. DocRecord can ingest a wide range of documents from multiple capture sources including MFP (multifunction printer), scanner, email, fax, network, desktop, and other sources. DocRecord automatically recognizes and processes these documents and processes them as required. DocRecord’s ability to automatically capture, extract key data, workflow, and file eliminates reduces processing time, greatly eliminates manual processing errors, and saves a lot of money.

Automated Workflow Replaces Manual Processing

One of the greatest and most immediate source of efficiency gains, costs reduction, and communication improvements is by replacing manual paper processes with automated electronic document processes. This is what DocRecord is designed to do best. DocRecord’s workflow links people and data into automated processes that are easily created for each business and department. Through its intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface, users simply drag the process task icon to the workspace to create automation ranging from simple to comprehensive. These workflows appear automatically in the mobile, desktop or integrated-MS Office user interface.

eForms Automates Data Capture

eForms (electronic forms) are faster, easier, and far less costly than paper forms for gathering important information from your employees, customers, and vendors. With DocRecord, organizations can easily and quickly build eForms to collect and automatically process this important data. The information gathered from these eForms can also automatically create and populate other eForms and documents.

Organizations can build a wide range of different eForm types for mobile and desktop platforms. It has three different eForm designer interfaces allowing users to quickly and easily build different types of eForms ranging from simple to complex. User information can also be easily captured from a web page.

Extended Capabilities for More Custom Requirements

DocRecord extends its capabilities by fully integrating with Prism’s other applications that improve organizations’ data and document processing. These applications include:

  • Prism WorkPath – Desktop workflow and data extraction
  • Prism ScanPath – MFP (multifunction printer) workflow & document conversion
  • Prism DocForm – Personalized transactional document creation
DocRecord also has a separate module for public eForms for those organizations wanting to gather data from the public through their website. This allows for automated data collection, workflow, and processing through the standard DocRecord application. And, DocRecord has an easy-to-use API enabling organizations to make their DocRecord documents available to customers and other third-parties through website integration.


Automated Document Processing & Workflow

Document Workflow & MFP Scan-to-Workflow

  • Automated Document Processing & Workflow
  • Customized MFP Scan-to-Workflow Document Processing
  • Automated Intelligent Printing Processes

Automated Document Processing & Workflow

DocSystem replaces manual, paper-based document processing with automated electronic document (eDocument) processing and workflow. It substantially improves efficiencies, eliminates labor-intensive processing, and saves money by reducing processing costs.

DocSystem allows automatic and instant electronic routing of eDocuments. These eDocuments can be electronically sent to individuals for review, mark-up, change, approval and electronic signatures. Once an action is taken, the document can be automatically forwarded to others, notifications sent, intelligently routed to printers, or output in other methods.

DocSystem can also perform full page, zonal, and barcode OCR (optical character recognition) on documents and files. Once the document is OCR’d, DocSystem can automatically extract identifying, indexing and cataloging information for further processing or filing.

Customized MFP Scan-to-Workflow Document Processing

With DocSystem, you can easily create custom scan-to-workflows that are accessible from the front panel of the MFP (multifunction printer). These custom scan-to-workflows allow users to eliminate multistep, manual and time-consuming scanning-and-processing tasks.

Create custom scan-to-workflow processes for such items as:

  • Invoices
  • A/P notifications
  • Statements
  • Purchase orders
  • HR forms
  • Receivables

Custom one-button processes can include many automated functions such as:

  • Convert scan to PDF, PDF/A, Word & Excel
  • OCR document (21 languages)
  • Extract key information
  • Automatically route document
  • Provide notifications
  • Automatically file document
  • Perform conditional checks
  • Bates stamping
  • Assemble document packages

Using a custom one-button process from the MFP panel for scanned invoices is easy. An example is:


Create a custom scan-to-workflow process in DocSystem; publish it to the selected MFP.


Users insert into the scan tray of the MFP the invoices they wish to scan and process.


Select the DocSystem process button from the front panel, scan, and DocSystem does the rest.


  • A/R & A/P
  • Accounting & Finance
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Shipping & Manufacturing
  • Data & Print Centers
  • Others...

Automated Document Routing & Printing Processes

Automated and intelligent document printing is critical when different departments and individuals share the same printer or MFP. Printing to the wrong printer can be costly and may cause security violations.

With DocSystem, intelligent printing rules for documents can be established based upon:

  • Page count
  • Color vs. mono printing
  • File size
  • Time
  • Date
  • Author
  • Content
  • Printer availability
  • Security & more...

Print jobs can be pooled among various printers, split between printers, have banner and trailer pages added, and more.

Documents and print jobs can be processed with activities such as changing properties, file conversion, compressing, encrypting, adding watermarks, search and replace, page deletion and insertion, and much more.

File and Image Processing & Conversion

Files and documents often need processing due to obsolete information, wrong file type, poor image quality, additional information needing to be added to the file, and more.

DocSystem can automatically modify files and documents with rules that you specify. These rules include:

  • Search and replace text
  • Convert into different file types
  • Insert new pages and text
  • Rename files and directories
  • Move files and directories
  • Prepend files & more...

DocSystem can also improve document image quality:

  • Adjust image brightness
  • Contrast
  • Color or gamma
  • Despeckle and deskew
  • Remove borders
  • Crop & more...

How DocSystem Works

Designing eDocument workflows and processes with DocSystem is easy. These processes are intuitively built in a tree-structure that allows the user to visually define and control design parameters, tests, and conditions. Processing objects that perform specific functions are selected from drop-down menus. These processing items are combined to form your custom process.

DocSystem also has a scripting tool that allows for the addition of custom scripts, commands, rules and variables that aren’t present in the menus. This industry-standard tool, Microsoft Jscript, allows the user to connect to third-party APIs and web services.

DocSystem can also communicate through a Workflow Agent that allows an individual to sign, amend, mark-up, approve or request changes to a document or file. The Workflow Agent is then able to return the document back to DocSystem for further processing. A separate signature pad is required with the Workflow Agent in order to provide electronic signatures to documents.


Workflow • Collaboration • Community

GroupPoint Benefits

  • Create workgroup communities and send documents to others for their review, approval, and collaboration
  • Build workflow and business processes for the automatic processing of documents that eliminate manual processing
  • Automatically route documents in and out of DocRecord, deskRecord and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Easily and quickly compose and edit complex documents

GroupPoint Features

  • Collaborative Communities
    • Build communities of coworkers with whom you would like to collaborate and share and process documents
    • List individuals or form teams
    • Documents can be sent for their review, comment, approval, signature, collaborative comments and input, and much more
    • GroupPoint Reader allows others to participate in your GroupPoint community - at no charge
  • Workflow & Processing
    • Create simple or complex workflow processes for the automatic processing of documents
    • Workflow processes and business rules eliminate having to perform repetitive tasks manually - saving time and money
    • Fully integrated workflow - no need to export to third-party application or tools
    • Perform full text and regional optical character recognition (OCR) to convert text images into readable text and text-based documents
  • Document Composition & Editing
    • Compose simple or complex documents from many sources and types of other documents
    • Open Microsoft Office documents for review
    • Easily perform complex editing functions such as redacting, posting notes and comments, hole-punch removal, despeckle, and much more
    • Scan directly from multifunction printers (MFPs) into GroupPoint with its unique panel connector
    • Wide range of imaging tools available

Community-based workflow and collaboration with intuitive document composition and editing

GroupPoint is a low-cost and easy-to-use desktop application that allows users to quickly compose and manipulate documents, form collaborative workgroup communities, and create personalized automated workflows and business processes for these documents.

Create Custom "Scan To" Processes at Your MFP

Processing critical documents - such as invoices and statements - is usually repetitive, tedious, and time consuming. GroupPoint allows you to easily design custom document processing tasks and publish these as a one-button 'Scan To' process at your MFP user panel. This allows you to simply MFP-scan your paper documents with your custom "Scan" process and GroupPoint handles the rest. GroupPoint document processes can be built that:

  • OCR (full page and zonal)
  • Automatically extract indexing information
  • Email and provide notices to others
  • Despeckle and deskew
  • Workflow, route, and automatically send to other applications
  • Approve, sign, and forward

Easily Compose & Edit Documents

Users can build documents from a wide range of file formats, mix multiple document formats, and scan papers in as a single document. These documents can then be converted into searchable PDFs or other formats. Open Microsoft Office documents from within GroupPoint. Convert TIFF and JPG into Word, Excel, and searchable PDF files with a single button.

Build Collaborative Communities

Documents can be forwarded to members of a user-defined workgroup community for sharing, collaboration, document approvals, signatures, and other processing tasks. Easily communicate with others in the workgroup through messages that accompany the document or through instant messaging. Post documents to a collaborative workspace for others to comment on and modify.

Create Integrated Workflow and Business Processes

Documents can also be sent to user-built workflows and business processes for automatic converting, routing, and a wide range of other processes. Workflows, fully integrated with GroupPoint, are easily built and can be used solely by an individual GroupPoint user or posted publicly for the entire workgroup to use. Workflows and business processes can be as simple or elaborate as desired; include such automated items as image manipulation, routing, file changes, depositing into document management systems, and much more.

Output to DocRecord Document Management & Microsoft SharePoint

GroupPoint is fully integrated with DocRecord (Prism's advanced electronic document management application for all types and sizes of organizations) as well as Microsoft SharePoint. Use GroupPoint as a document check-in / check-out and file workflow engine for DocRecord. Automatically create document indexing information on-the-fly.

Scan Directly to GroupPoint from Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

GroupPoint has direct-to-application user-panel integration connectors with leading multifunction printer (MFP) companies. Scan directly from the MFP to a private or public workflow process, a member of your workflow community, to your GroupPoint clipboard, and more. Convert the scanned document, through optical character recognition (OCR), into a searchable PDF, Word or other document.

GroupPoint is Easy to Use

Easily create Community Spaces from your Community Users list. Create Community Spaces that are oriented towards projects, departments, common interests, offices, geography, and much more.

Once you have created a Community Space you can post documents to it for others in that Community Space to review, comment upon, and modify.

GroupPoint Reader

For those coworkers that do not have GroupPoint, you can still include them in your GroupPoint community and send documents to them. The GroupPoint Reader, available at no charge, allows those without GroupPoint to view and comment upon your GroupPoint-sent documents and then return them to you in GroupPoint. There is no limit as to the number of GroupPoint Readers to which you can connect. And, GroupPoint Reader users can connect to an unlimited number of other GroupPoint users.

GroupPoint Applications

  • Efficiently route documents for collaboration between community team members
  • Automatic document processing such as invoices, insurance claims, loans, applications, forms, expense reports, reports, reviews, and much more
  • By-pass email for your important documents for quicker processing and more rapid responses


Scan to Office • Workflow • SharePoint

ScanPath Key Features

  • Easily convert scanned documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs & more
  • Scan to custom-built workflows such as accounting, legal & HR
  • Send scanned documents to Google Drive, Box, DropBox & more
  • Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint

Scan, Convert & Process Documents in 3 Easy Steps


At the multifunction device (MFD) user panel, select the desired scanning or document process.


Enter an email address or browse to the network location to which you want the file sent.


Place your documents in the document tray and select "Enter" - you're done.

Convert Scanned Documents to Editable Word, Excel, PDFs & More

  • Convert scanned documents to 8 different editable document and image file formats:
    Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Searchable PDF, PDF/A, PDF Image, RTF, and TIFF
  • ScanPath has a powerful OCR (optical character recognition) engine that recognizes text images on a page and converts them into editable text.

ScanPath Meets the Needs of the Individual Scanning Job

Scan to Network Folders

With ScanPath, it's easy to scan and automatically deposit documents to network folders for processing by others.

Scan to Custom-built Workflows

Custom workflow processes can be created and published to the MFD panel. These workflows can be created for:

  • Accounting (invoice scanning & processing, purchase orders, expense reports, etc.)
  • Legal (case records, discovery records, etc.)
  • HR (employee records, résumé processing, etc.)

Scan Directly to Online Web-Repositories

Currently supported: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Picasa, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Evernote

With ScanPath, you can automatically scan documents and images from the MFD directly to the following web repositories: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Photos, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Evernote. Your on-line log-in information is securely stored in ScanPath so you can log into both the MFD and your on-line document repositories at the same time.

Scan Directly to Microsoft SharePoint

Automatically file documents scanned from the MFD directly into Microsoft SharePoint. Saves time and improves efficiencies.

Scan with Barcode Cover Sheet

A barcode cover sheet can be used for documents that cannot be OCRed directly, due to quality or being handwritten. This works with all documents, regardless of their quality or consistency, and is ideal when working with multi-page documents that are being batch-scanned.

ScanPath Has Many Great Features, Including Full Integration with Other Programs Like Microsoft Outlook

FollowPrint & Secure Release

Securely release your print jobs from either a web-enabled mobile device (such as a smart phone or tablet), PC, or from the user panel of the MFD. Provides convenient follow and secure printing to unlimited users.

Integrated Bates Stamping

Scan directly to pre-defined Bates stamping profiles from the user panel of the MFD. Bates stamping profiles include document serialization, naming, dates, and much more. It's easy for legal firms and departments to establish Bates stamping profiles for different cases and clients.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Emails sent by ScanPath from the MFD appear in the user's Outlook Sent folder. Allows user to easily keep track of all emails from his/her desktop.

Multiple MFD Machine Profile Support

Each MFD can have a different configuration and profile allowing maximum flexibility in multi-MFD environments. Ideal when different departments require different MFD profiles and capabilities.

Licensed by MFD

ScanPath resides on a non-dedicated, local Microsoft Windows-based server within the user’s organization. A single ScanPath can handle up to 50 separate MFDs. There is no limit to the number of people that may use ScanPath at each MFD; however, each individual MFD does require a separate ScanPath license.

ScanPath Express

Scan to Office • Excel • PowerPoint • SharePoint

ScanPath Express provides the core essential features of ScanPath in a lower cost application.

How is ScanPath Express different from ScanPath?

ScanPath Express has a subset of features of ScanPath which has the following additional features:

  • Advanced modules: Workflow & zonal OCR, Follow Print, Bates Stamping, Creating scanning barcode cover sheets, and utilizing an HL7 protocol for Healthcare.
  • Scan directly to on-line respositories: Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote, Box, Dropbox, and Google Photos.
  • Scan to third-party applications with custom links through FastLink™.
  • Connect dynamically-driven databases at the MFP panel.

Benefits of using ScanPath Express

The key benefits include:

  • Lower costs by eliminating manual document processing
  • Saves time and steps by automatically converting scanned documents into other formats
  • Speed processing times and eliminate errors by automatically filing documents into network folders and SharePoint
  • Automatically performs OCR and creates full-text searchable and editable documents
  • Tracks emails more accurately by having documents emailed from the MFP automatically show as Sent in Outlook
  • Save time with one-button scanning to home folders and users' emails

ScanPath Express presents the core ScanPath features that are most commonly used by customers


Automated & Advanced Desktop Document Processing

Benefits of Prism WorkPath

  • Eliminate manual document processing
  • Significantly speed processing time
  • Eliminate document processing errors
  • Save document processing errors
  • Standardize document processing within a department

Prism WorkPath provides a significant improvement to traditional desktop document processing applications by enabling the easy creation of automated document processes that can be used at both the desk and MFP.

Traditional desktop document processing software applications require a lot of repetitive manual work to process documents. Prism WorkPath overcomes this deficiency by providing easy-to-create automated document processes that perform these tasks for you and save a lot of time. And, of course, you can always manually process smaller document tasks if that’s more convenient.

Automated & Advanced Document Processing at the Desktop or MFP

It’s easy to build customized automated processes. Prism WorkPath provides an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows you to assemble together different processing tasks. Snap together as many of these tasks as you’d like to create an efficient and automated customized process.

Once you've created your automated process you can simply drag a document to your automated process and it will do all the processing for you.

  • From within Prism WorkPath, you can simply drag a document to your automated process and it will do all the processing for you.
  • From the MFP, you can quickly scan a document directly to that process, selected from the MFP user panel, and the scanned document will be sent directly to your Prism WorkPath where it will be automatically processed.

You can also enter document metadata at either the desktop or the MFP when scanning to your automated process. This enabled easy indexing data t obe added to your document.

Easily create automated document processes that eliminate tedious and repetitive manual tasks.

Share Your Automated Processes with Others

Your automated processes can easily be shared with other Prism WorkPath users who may also need to use them. Simply share your custom processes from Prism WorkPath or allow others to use them at the MFP User Panel. This allows for standardization of document processing within a department or organization.

Easy-to-use interface for document editing

Easily build powerful automated document processes customized to your organization

Prism WorkPath Has Many Great Features

Send Documents to SharePoint Folders

With Prism WorkPath you can automatically or manually send your documents to specific SharePoint folders. These folders can be conditionally selected based on the rules that you set or the metadata that you add to the document.

Send Documents Automatically to Web Repositories

Prism WorkPath also allows documents to be sent either automatically or manually to web repositories such as: Box Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Picasa & Evernote.

Scan Documents Directly to Your Desktop

You can easily scan documents from the MFP directly to Prism WorkPath. This directscanning capability saves time by eliminating the need of scanning to a common folder, retrieving that scanned document, and then importing it into a desktop application.

Check Documents In & Out of DocRecord

Documents within DocRecord, Prism’s electronic document & content management application, can be directly checked-out with Prism WorkPath where they can be modified. Once completed, the new version can be checked-in to DocRecord for secure archiving.

Works with ScanPath or as a Stand-Alone Application

Prism WorkPath can work as either a stand-alone desktop application or work together with ScanPath and ScanPath Express. ScanPath is used for capturing, routing, converting, and processing scanned documents at the MFP. It provides advanced scanning functions for MFPs.

Full Range of Powerful Document Processing Features & Automation Tasks

Prism WorkPath has a full range of document processing tools that can be used in your automated and manual process. These many features include:

  • Import documents
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG & BMP
  • Convert Documents to
    Word, Excel, PDF Searchable, PDF/A, PDF Image, TIFF and JPEG
  • Document mark-up and adjustments, including
    Annotation, rotation, grayscale and 1-bit conversion, adding page numbers, cropping, despeckle and deskew, remove hole punches/borders/white space, scaling, splitting, adding pages, and many more
  • PDF Security and encryption
  • Auto-redaction of entire document
  • Read and write data to any ODBC Database
  • Bates stamping for legal documents
  • Add barcodes, page numbers, watermarks & blank pages
  • OCR (optical character recognition) of full text, regional text, and barcodes
  • Email documents via Outlook (attach to Outlook email)
  • Add, remove, and reorder pages in a document
  • Drag-and-drop page editing
  • Easily combine multiple documents
  • TWAIN Support

Prism Capture

Advanced Data Capture with Workflow

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • "Smart Templates" and Standard Templates
  • Automated document recognition
  • Dynamic database look-up, comparison, and data exception notification
  • Data presentment and correction
  • Batch document splitting
  • Powerful OCR (optical character recognition) engine
  • Automated document indexing
  • Barcode recognition

Automatically and intelligently extract data from scanned and electronic documents

Many organizations manually enter data from paper and electronic documents into their accounting, ERP, and other applications. Prism Capture replaces this manual data entry process by automatically extracting and entering this data for them. It’s most commonly used for sales orders, invoices, statements, HR documents, and A/R records.

Prism Capture is a low cost server-based application that automates document processing. Prism Capture features a powerful workflow capability that enables automated processing of the extracted data and documents.

Prism Capture is Different from Other Capture & Extraction Applications

Prism Capture is quick and easy to both implement and use. Best of all, it is substantially lower cost than applications that perform similar functions.

  • Integrated workflow
  • Lower cost
  • Much easier to both set up and use
  • Two data extraction methods: "Smart Templates" and Standard Templates
  • Easy to train for template modifications
  • Also works with Prism WorkPath's desktop workflow & document processing automation
  • Can be quickly configured to a third-party LOB application

Prism Capture Has Many Features

Automated Document & Data Recognition

Prism Capture automatically recognizes the document and extracts its data by different methods: automatically through a “Smart Template” look-up of keyword and values, “Standard Template,” or a combination of both.

Smart Templates

Users can set up Smart Templates that automatically recognize data fields and then extract the appropriate information. Users can customize templates for a given document type such as an invoice or check. This eliminates the need to create multiple zonal-based templates for these documents.

Automatic Database Lookup

Once data is extracted, through “Smart Templates” or standard templates, it can be automatically compared to database information to check for accuracy and consistencies. Any data that is questionable will be highlighted for the user to check and then correct, if necessary.

Click Indexing

Click Indexing allows the user to easily edit this data by simply selecting the metadata fields that needs to be modified and then move the mouse over the preview of the document. This eliminates the need for the use to type in the missing fields..

Easy Correction & Validation

All extracted data needs to be validated and, when necessary, corrected. Prism Capture makes data correction and validation easy by having prebuilt rules that examine and correct the data. These prebuilt rules eliminate the need for users to build their own data validation and correction rules.

Powerful Document Processing Features & Automation Tasks

SharePoint Integration

Prism Capture is also used as a document processing application for SharePoint. Automatically send the extracted metadata and document to be filed into SharePoint or presented to the user for verification through Prism WorkPath, an advanced desktop application for document processing and automation.

Prism Capture also used by DocRecord

A full-featured, dedicated-output version of Prism Capture is included in Prism’s DocRecord, an electronic document management system (EDMS). The extracted metadata and document can be submitted to DocRecord and converted to searchable PDF format in the process, allowing for index-based and full-text searching in DocRecord.

Integrated Workflow

Prism Capture’s easy-to-use workflow allows for intelligent and automated processing of both extracted data and documents. Custom workflows are easy to create.

Easy-to-use interface for document editing

Workflows are extracted data and documents are easily built for automated processing

Fully Integrated with Prism WorkPath

The combination of Prism Capture with Prism WorkPath provides users with an unprecedented combination of capabilities at a very affordable price.

Prism WorkPath is a low cost, stand-alone application for advanced and automated desktop doucment and data processing. It can also be used as a client to Prism Capture. As a client, it allows users to perform a wide range of tasks and processes to their documents both before and after data extraction. Prism WorkPath also has its own workflow capabilities enabling automated processing from the desktop.

Before Prism Capture: Rearrange and Clean Up Image

As documents are received into Prism WorkPath, users can choose from a wide range of image clean up and editing functions. These functions provide easy methods for users to enhance or amend these documents while still in the same application – no need to export the documents to another application. These functions include: Adding or deleting pages, concatenation, rotation, deskewing, despeckling, image enhancement, and a wide range of other functions.

After Prism Capture: Data Review and Workflow & Automated Processing

WorkPath can be used by individual users at their desktop to review, verify and, if required, modify data extracted by Prism Capture. Once verified, the data and documents are returned to Prism Capture for further processing.

Some documents may require workflow from the desktop once the data is extracted from Prism Capture and then routed to WorkPath. An example of this is when the extracted data has been reviewed at WorkPath and now needs to be sent to a LOB application while the original document, along with different metadata, needs to be archived in another application. Additionally, notifications might need to be sent to others informing them that this document has been processed. With Prism WorkPath, it’s easy to build such an automated workflow at the desktop to perform these tasks. Multiple workflows can be easily set up for many different types of documents allowing unique and custom processing.

Automatically Create Searchable PDFs with both Applications

Both Prism Capture and Prism WorkPath can create searchable PDFs. This allows the document to be completely searchable on any word within that document. This is important where these documents are stored in document and content management or archiving application, including SharePoint.